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PLEASE NOTE: We are away from the office from April 27,2008 till May 14,2008. Any offer placed during that period will be confirmed after May 14,2008. Thanks!

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 Its easy, just fill out the form below and hit submit. Be sure to confirm that your email address is correct so we can contact you. We will normally get back with you in 24 hrs or less.

How do I make an offer?

#1. Your offer is for the coin or currency item and does not include our low cost shipment, handling or insurance charges. See Chart*

#2. Your offer should be serious and reasonable. Our coins have a low margin mark up (5-20%) so please keep this in mind when making your offer.

#3. Please don't be offended if we can't meet your discount request. If we can't we will make a counter offer.

#4. Please limit this form to items that display our "Make An Offer" button.

#5. Please enter the type of payment you will make. Usually a check or money order will save us a little money and allow us to discount the item a little bit more for you.

Submit the form below and a reply will be emailed to you, normally with in 24 hours. or if you prefer we will call you, just make note and enter your telephone number.


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*Shipping and insurance cost can vary depending up on the cost of the insurance and the shipment method selected. Special orders and special shipment methods will be charged as agreed prior to shipment. Please contact us to work these details out. Jetproofs purchases third party insurance to supplement the insurance available through shipment services. This helps us keep our shipment insurance rates at the lowest possible level while still providing the best security. See the chart below for rates.

Shipping Rates:
From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 9.99 3.00
10.00 99.99 5.00
100.00 199.99 7.00
200.00 499.99 10.00
500.00 and up 12.00

You will not get an automated response to this form. We will respond by email to you later, normally with in 24 hours.

Note: If you have a problem with this "Make Your Offer" form just email your offer to us at jetproof@swbell.net

WE BUY rare coins and collections!  TOP PRICES PAID IN 24 HRS!!

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