Jetproofs™ provides the following shipment services to our valued customer friends. 

Customer Service

One look at our feedback and you will be confident that Jetproofs takes special care with shipment and delivery. Over a period of many years we have developed the safest possible methods to pack and ship valuable coins to assure they arrive in perfect condition. All coins shipped in the USA will be properly packaged and fully insured. Most will be  delivered by the United States Postal Service. Coins with values over $500 will normally be shipped registered and fully insured. Coins with a value of $500 - $25 will be shipped first class mail and fully insured. Orders with a value of $25 or less will be shipped as per instructions with no insurance unless you specify it before the purchase. If you pay for insurance they will be insured. All coins are shipped confirmed. Most shipments will require your signature for delivery. Over Seas shipments are shipped by USPS Global Priority with no insurance coverage or USPS registered with $40 US maximum insurance coverage. We will be happy to select the best method to pack and ship the items based on our many years of experience. We always ship your valuable coins in plain, unmarked shipping containers to avoid theft and crime. Credit Card purchases are only shipped to the credit cards billing address, no exceptions. Paypal orders are shipped to paypal confirmed address only.

Shipping and insurance cost can vary depending up on the cost of the insurance and the shipment method selected. MANY ITEMS are priced on our site FIRM including insured shipping on those items any shipping charged by and paid through PayPal will be promptly refunded. Special orders and special shipment methods will be charged as agreed prior to shipment. Please contact us to work these details out. Jetproofs purchases third party insurance to supplement the insurance available through shipment services. This helps us keep our shipment insurance rates at the lowest possible level while still providing the best security. See the chart below for rates to ship items that shipping and insurance items.

Shipping Rates:
From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 9.99 3.00
10.00 99.99 5.00
100.00 199.99 7.00
200.00 499.99 10.00
500.00 and up 12.00


Our web site items are shipped in the United States at a flat rate of $3 - $12 per order. Overseas orders are shipped for $10 first class USPS mail (no insurance) or $16 US if by USPS registered with $40 US insurance. Shipment and insurance on ebay orders are charged as specified in the store or auction item details.

State Sales Tax is charged to Texas residents only, at a rate of 7.75%. There is no State Sales Tax charged on orders over $1,000.

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