Jetproofs™ proudly offers our return policy.


Return Policy

  Returns are a rare occurrence when you buy from Jetproofs™!! Be assured however, all coins purchased are fully guaranteed for up to 7 days after the date of your coin delivery. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be refunded as long as these simple rules are meet.


  All coins and sets returned should be shipped fully insured only. We will be happy to advise you on the best method to pack and ship the items. Better yet save your packing container and return the coins by the same method you received them from us.


  Funds will be fully refunded, best method of your choice, as soon as we receive the returned items in good condition.


  All Certified Coins are guaranteed to be the grade and quality represented by the certification company. If for some reason you decide you need to return a certified coin or set of coins to us instead of the certification company that graded the coin; we must charge a 10% restocking fee or a 10% processing fee for returning the coin to the certification company. All raw coins are graded for quality by us using the Photo Grade Standard, 18th edition.


  Coins must be returned in the original holders or packing without being tampered with in any way. Never let the coins out of your control if you might wish to return them.

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